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We are successful recipients of grants from EU Structural funds for regional development, which is why we are able to offer our top-class solutions and high-quality production.


Our company is a successful recipient of grants from the EU Structural Funds, designed for small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to these grants, we can offer our own superior development solutions (products and services) as well as high quality, fast and accurate production, , which is performed on the most innovative technologies only.


With EU support, we have realized or we are just realizing the following projects:

Program Property, OPPI

The project entitled "Reconstruction of production and warehouse complex Bela – Wassa s.r.o." was approved in 2010. Thanks to the project we could reconstruct completely abandoned and dilapidated premises of the former cowshed in the village Mirova pod Kozakovem.

In May 2011, the successful completion of renovation to a new form of modern production and warehouse area was finished. Since that year it is actively used and it serves the needs of Wassa s.r.o.

Program Innovation, OPPI

The project entitled "Innovation of production of cardboard packaging braces - Wassa s.r.o." was approved at the end of 2013. Within the project we focused both on the innovation of our products, namely cardboard packaging braces and on innovation of their manufacturing process

All through the purchase of top quality production technologies (cutting plotter, automatic printing slotter and gluing a sewing machine). The project was successfully completed in December 2014, which was also the completion of the first phase of an extensive modernization of our own production. The technologies are now in full operation.

Program Development, OPPI

The project entitled "Modernization of technology for the production and processing of packaging materials - Wassa s.r.o.." was approved in March 2014. The project focused on further modernization of our extensive technology park. Specifically, it concerned the purchase of three new manufacturing technologies to cardboard division (large-scale cut-out, box gluing machine and cut-out ).

New machines allowed us to improve, refine and speed up production. New production possibilities have appeared. The project was successfully completed in March 2015. The technologies are now in full operation.

Program Development, OPPI

The project entitled "Expansion and modernization of production of plastic cardboard, plastics and foams - Wassa s.r.o." was approved in November 2014. The project builds on previous investments and focuses on modernizing of production division of plastics and foams. Within the project we are acquiring new, high quality manufacturing technologies (sizing saw and cutting machine, press for the shape cut-out, large format cut-out, ultrasonic melting machine, etc.), thanks to them, we will be able to expand our product portfolio and offer more options to our customers.

The technology will be put into full operation, and thus will be available for our customers no later than in July 2015.


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The Responsible Company of the Year 2015

We were awarded as the Responsible Company of the Year 2015 by Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

WASSA s.r.o - Odpovědná firma roku 2015