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Our offer:
Express services

We are really particular about the speed of our services, it is our top priority, immediately followed by quality and price.

Express services

All we do, we do express

We are well aware of the fact that quality and fast services are a great advantage in these days, if not a necessity. Regardless it is taken from the financial perspective or from the competiveness perspective. Be ahead of your competitor and contact us.

Everything starts with the initial communication. If you contact us either by phone, e-mail or using the contact form, our sales representatives will be devoted to your needs with the highest priority.

You can get the first outputs from us after the first evaluation of your production or logistics processes, because we can propose or optimize the existing solution right at you. Regardless it is a matter of design or production of new packaging, modification of your current solution or optimization of your logistics processes.

With us, you win the race against the time!


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The Responsible Company of the Year 2015

We were awarded as the Responsible Company of the Year 2015 by Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

WASSA s.r.o - Odpovědná firma roku 2015