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Our offer:
Logistics services

In addition to the design and production of packaging we also offer complete logistics services. We are fast and flexible, with our own fleet and spacious warehouses.

Logistics services

We can arrange smooth flow of material and goods between you and your business partners. We have modern storage facilities as well as numerous fleet. Your goods or material will always be in the right place and in the required quantity.

We can optimize your existing logistics processes in your company. We offer packaging of products directly at the customer, unloading in so called unload sequence, "just in time" (JIT) delivery, during day and night.

Keeping the whole production portfolio of our customers in stock, at a minimum required quantity (Consignment) is a natural thing for us. If necessary, we manage the production to the stock by ourselves.

  complex and express services
  own logistics park
  packaging at the customer
  "just in time" delivery
  professional know-how

Own warehouses and fleet

FleetWe have logistics facilities with a total area of 40,700 m2, mainly in northern Bohemia, and we are building new ones. Our modern warehouses are effectively used thanks to a special rack system with stackers.

We are proud of our numerous fleet. Our vehicles are always in a great technical condition and thanks to the qualified work of our technicians it does not happen that they do not arrive on time.

Own warehousesWe are ready to take your goods directly from the factory and provide it with a packaging in our logistics facilities. This service is especially useful for customers who let us design and produce packaging material. We also provide these customers with basic warehousing and logistics services.

Our logistics centres are effectively utilized due to the so-called consignment - holding minimum inventory. Consignment saves our and your resources.

Our logistics centres can be found in the contacts section.


OutsourcingAre you not sure whether the logistics processes are set correctly within your company? You do not have enough capacity? We provide a logistics expert for your company, who can, after a full introduction to the current situation:

  • optimize existing logistics processes
  • assume full or partial responsibility for the transportation and warehousing
  • provide consulting services and regular reporting

Our services in a nutshell

  • our own modern logistics park
  • warehouse consignment
  • flexible transport, incl. night hours
  • packaging in our logistics premises or at the customer
  • outsourcing
  • seasonal and gift packaging
  • complex service
  • we can manage production in accordance with stock
  • complete customer's production portfolio in stock
  • "just in time" delivery
  • logistics facilities with total area of 40,700 m2


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We were awarded as the Responsible Company of the Year 2015 by Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

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