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Our offer:
Development of packaging

We can design for you an appropriate packaging or innovate an existing one. From the drawing documentation, through the 3D graphic design to the realization and delivery.

Design and development of packaging

We can design for you an appropriate packaging and prepare a functional sample including complete documentation of the packaging process. We create a design and test and produce the packaging. We will reduce your costs associated with the packaging itself and with related services.

Our team operates in accordance with ISO standards, we are fast and flexible. We test samples of packaging in collaboration with VÚTS Liberec.

Our main priority is the speed of services performed, active approach to the customer, and high quality - from the design to the production.

  speed, flexibility
  ISO quality control
  innovative design in 3D
  tests in VUTS Liberec
  future potential - free

Why to choose packaging from us?

We pride on the speed of work done; you will have the packaging from us earlier than from our competitors. Just contact us and our sales representative will be promptly devoted to you and your needs. We can propose the optimal solution directly in your company, whether it relates to the development of completely new packaging, innovation of existing packaging or optimization of packaging and logistics processes.

In case of future potential of your product, we are ready to prepare for you a sample packaging absolutely free.

Our priorities

  express processing and flexibility
  quality control from entering production to delivery according to ISO standards
  determination of the optimal manufacturing process to reduce the additional costs

How the design and development of packaging proceeds

When designing packaging for your product, we usually start from the product itself. Attributes such as weight, size, price or target segment can determine which direction to take. Of course, we can build on your sample - already finished packaging.

After the initial communication and familiarization with the project, we select the appropriate construction solution first. In the next step, we prepare a prototype packaging – a sample. After agreeing the sample, our designer creates a graphic design in 3D. If you are satisfied with the design, we determine the entire packaging process. You will be sure of all costs, for example, what will be the cost of handling, storage, transport ...

Sampling will be provided on a high-end milling and cutting plotter with workspace 2 * 3 meters. It is followed by processing of complete documentation for the manufacture of cutting tools. After that there are no obstructions in starting serial packaging production.

Development and design of packaging in brief

  • we are fast and flexible
  • quality in accordance with ISO standards
  • completely new packaging development or its innovation
  • optimization of packaging process of the customer
  • determination of optimal production to reduce additional costs
  • initial design of optimal solution right at you
  • design for free in case of future potential
  • agile development incl. sample
  • we test in VÚTS Liberec
  • innovative design


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The Responsible Company of the Year 2015

We were awarded as the Responsible Company of the Year 2015 by Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

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