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Our offer:
Production of packaging

WASSA s.r.o. provides production and supply of complete packaging technology.

Production of packaging

We are always ready to provide complete solutions - from drawing documentation through sampling to serial production. The main emphasis is put, as with our other services, to the speed of realization. Personal approach is a natural thing for us; we will satisfy both large and small customers.

Our production processes are certified with ISO 9001, quality is therefore monitored from placing production to delivery. Packaging produced by us will last and your products are thus well and securely protected.

  fast delivery times
  competitive samples
  individual approach
  reliable and complete services

Everything you need under one roof

From initial consultation to the shipment. Apart from production of packaging we deal with its design. Everything is supplemented with our high-quality and express logistics service. We:

  offer professional know-how
  create drawing documentation
  prepare samples
 ensure technology and material
 offer the possibility of dissolution of price of cutting tools and printing blocks in the price of the packaging
  allow editing of packaging directly in the production
  start up serial production
  pack and ship your goods

We react immediately

Because we usually have the necessary material in stock, we are in many cases able to react immediately. Especially for smaller customers we have universal sheets and material prepared. We create a sample, and after its approval, we continue with the production itself.

Example of an express order (1-3 days)

Day 1 - initial consultation and receipt of documentation (sample of packaging, product or idea)
Day 2 - proposal and approval of solution, prototype handover
Day 3 - production and shipment

What do we produce and manufacture

Packaging from plain and corrugated paperboard / plain and corrugated paperboard

We are focused on production of packaging from paper, cardboard, and especially plain and corrugated paperboard mainly from 2vvl to 7vvl of the highest quality. We have a modern production technology. We provide up to three colours large format printing with the rotary cut-out in one process.

Packaging from plastic cardboard / Plastic cardboard

We produce shipping packaging from cellular and bubble polypropylenes, inner packaging in combination with other materials.

Foam products / Packaging from foam materials

We offer products from foam polyethylene and polyurethane. These include variously shaped fixing inserts in combination with other materials, safety belts and bags. They are used for example in the electronics or automotive industry in anti-static treatments.

PVC products

We supply packaging material made of plastic. Stretch film, bags of all types and sizes with or without printing, bags from bubble wrap, bags with euro-cut, zipper bags, various kinds of sacks, bags, sheets and grids. We are using materials such as LDPE, HDPE, MDPE foil, EPE, laminates.

Protective elements / Supplementary packaging material

We supply various protective elements for safe transport and handling of goods. These include paperboard corners, edges, cores, adhesive and binding tapes. These protective elements help to eliminate damage of products which arise during transport or handling.

Gift, seasonal and promotional packaging

To enhance visibility of your products, we can design and produce tasteful gift packages for special occasions, as well as seasonal and promotional packaging. You can come up with a concrete solution or just with an idea - in both cases we are ready to create a custom packaging for you.

Production of packaging in a nutshell

  • complete and simultaneously express services
  • testing in VUTS Liberec
  • quantity discounts
  • small series without investing in cutting tools
  • drawing documentation
  • individual approach
  • all common packaging materials
  • modification of packaging directly during the production


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The Responsible Company of the Year 2015

We were awarded as the Responsible Company of the Year 2015 by Vodafone Czech Republic, a.s.

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